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Niger Val Dubh, Kenneth, Moors, Saracen, Vernagu, Roland

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Graphics by S A Akinyemi.

The motive of this work is to expose overwhelming evidence of the immense contribution over many centuries by children of AFRICA (NUBALLA) indigenous and abroad, to the now diluted western religious persuasion.


It is our deepest wish that all readers, regardless of their ethnic origin, may be inspired by this offering. Let the numerous myths perpetrated over the centuries be finally put to rest. For the children of NUBALLA did govern early Christian Empires with Monotheistic conviction.


While in the latter times, they did substantially conduce to the now prevalent conviction of Jesus Christ as an integral part of the “HOLY TRINITY” during and after the phenomena of ANTIOCH.


However the undisputed antiquities of Alexandria, Theban Delta, Carthage, Numidia, Soba, Axum, Nobadia, Asselar, Alodia and Muqqurra on the continent of NUBALLA dwarfing Rome and Constantinople could not be resisted. Nor the everlasting impact of legends that feature ZEUS, LILLITH, ISIS, HERMES and SIBYL excluded. There are over 250 images in the 3 categories of the slideshow above.




The archeologist and writer David McRitchie declared that the Moors dominated Scotland as late as the time of the Saxon Kings. He stated with scholarly authority: So late as the tenth century three of these provinces [of Scotland] were wholly black and the supreme ruler of these became for a time the paramount king of transmarine Scotland. We see one of the black people ­- the Moors of the Romans - in the person of a King of Alban of the tenth century. History knows him as Kenneth, sometimes as Dubh and as Niger.


Saxon coins

We know as a historic fact that a Niger Val Dubh has lived and reigned over certain black divisions of our islands and probably white divisions also, and that a race known as the "Sons of the Black" succeeded him in history. Representation of Black Saracen giant in medieval literature begin with Vernagu found in the Pseudo Turpin Chronicle of Charlemagne. Dated to the fourteenth century, the Roland and Vernagu describe a duel between the black as pitch, Saracen Vernagu, and the Christian knight Roland.


The Holy Prophet Elijah is one of the greatest of the prophets and the first dedicated to virginity in the Old Testament. He was born in Tishba of Gilead into the Levite tribe 900 years before the Incarnation of the Word of God. St Epiphanius of Cyprus gives the following account about the birth of the Prophet Elijah: "When Elijah was born, his father Sobach saw in a vision angels of God around him. They swaddled him with fire and fed him with flames."


Holy Prophet Elijah, Tishba, Israelite King, Ahab



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The name Elijah (the Lord's strength) given to the infant defined his whole life.


From the years of his youth he dedicated himself to the One God, settled in the wilderness and spent his whole life in strict fasting, meditation and prayer.


Called to prophetic service, which put him in conflict with the Israelite king Ahab, the prophet became a fiery zealot of true faith and piety.


During this time the Israelite nation had fallen away from the faith of their Fathers, they abandoned the One God and worshipped pagan idols, the worship of which was introduced by the impious king Jereboam.


Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab, was devoted to idol worship.


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