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Combe Capelle Man

Origin and Evolution of Primitive Man by Albert Churchwood 1912 A.D. Page 12: "But Gentlemen, it was in africa that the little pygmy was first evovled, and from here these little men spread al over the world, North, East, South, West, until not only in africa , but in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Oceania were populated by them."


Page 13; "The Pygmy evolution is in the following order; Bushmen, Masaba Negro, Nilotic Negro, Masi, Mongoloids, and then the so called Aryanist."


"Outside Africa they still exist in New Guinea, New Hebrides, the forest of Bolivia, the moutains in China, the Philippine islands, the Sakais, Malay Penisula, and in Nothern India." "They have been exterminated in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and Tasmania."


The Archaeology and prehistoric annals os Scotland by Sir Daniel Wilson 1851 A.D. Page 477:


"Thus the Cruithne and Piccardach, or Nothern and Southern Picts of Scotland, are frequently distinguished by Welsh chroniclers as the Gwyddyl duon and the Gwyddyl gwyn, or 'Black' and fair Gaels."


"Perhaps the term Du-Caledones (Di-Caledones), by which the Romans distinguished the Northern from the Vecturiones or Southern Picts, is only a combination of the Celtic du or dubh, 'Black', with the generic name adopted by them."


It appears that Melanesians originated from at least two migrations from Africa. The first migration involved a group of people who travelled to S.E Asia from Africa along the coastline of Southern Asia, starting 100,000 years ago. These people share their DNA with the Pygmies of the Congo area. Relics of this original population can be found on the Andaman Islands and in the highlands of New Guinea.




Sugir Man

As well as having common DNA markers, they brought with them the bow and arrow and the Malaria parasite Plasmodiun falciparum.


Another migration, possibly 75,000 years ago, were a people similar to the Vedda of India, Batak of Lake Toba, Australian Aborigine and Ainu as well as people who once lived in the far reaches of Tierra del Fuego.


A third migration of much taller Africans entered Melanesia, only 10,000 years ago, bringing with them the Malaria parasite plasmodium vivax, the bottle-gourd and jack bean. At this same time there appeared a large agricultural economy, with large irrigation canals, still visible today. This was totally out of character with the technological development of the rest of New Guinea.


Kostenki Man Russia

On the left: Kostenki Man, Ukraine, Russia 34000 B.C.E. Bust created by Professor M M Gerasimov. Climate maps and sea level charts that shows that the Northern route of Africa was impassable around this time, but the sea level was low enough to make travelling from Africa to Yemen more feasible. Following the single exodus to Yemen, our ancestors dispersed to colonize other part of the world.


Some group stayed within the region, others moved east. In Malaysia traces of ash-dating back to the great Mount Toba eruption in Sumatra 74,000 years ago, we found on stone tools left by modern humans in Kota Tampra, a wooded valley near Penang. Anthropologist Zuraima Majidr director of the centre for archaeological research Malaysia discovered this evidence.


Australian Aborigines have a number of unique genetic lines that leads straight back to the first modern human to survive outside of Africa. The first group arrived 70,000 years ago and left cave paintings showing creatures from a vanished world.


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Below: Malta, Siberia female figure carved from Mammoth tusk 21000 B.C.E.



Siberian Carving


Others went onto the vast Asia steppes while the remaining colonies went to Arabian Gulf. Hence the creation of the Middle Eastern Countries, Syria, Levant, Turkey, The Balkans and Europe.




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