The Immaculate Conception, Horus, Osiris, Amun, Yawhe

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The Ankh TauThe Immaculate Conception.
Aset conceived Har "Horus " after the passing of Asaru "Osiris" through Magic by the Neter "Supreme Being" Tehuti. This was the same story around the birth of Christ. Mary was visited by the Eloheem, Neter "Supreme being", Gabriel and conceived Jesus of the Holy Ghost or magic or some divine Intervention. Right: The Egyptian Ankh, mother of all the Christian crosses and the source.

The strangest chain of events in Egyptian religious history is topped by the twenty seventh dynasty's divine emblem of the figure of one of the Gods named" YWH, YAHWA, YAWHE YAHWEH", in Hieroglyph bottom left. The first four (4) letters mean "Divinity" the last is a picture of the God himself. Note that this Egyptian God was adopted by the Haribu (Hebrews, colloquially) Yawhe in Hieroglyph"Jews" in their own mythology about the creation of the world." YWH was the name of a very minor God in ancient Egypt. However Amon or Amun, who later became Amun-Re or Amen-Re, became Amen, at the end of most Jewish and Christian prayers and hymns.

"Modern Theologians " have claimed that the word "Amen" means So Be It, "thereby ignoring the Amen-Re and Amen-Ra. The Haribu African, Moses, also worshipped in the lodges of the Mysteries System of Egypt.

The Egyptian God AmunThere was more than one 'Adam' in the Bible! The first Adam was mentioned in Genesis 1:26. The word for man, in Genesis 1:26 is Adam. Adam is not one person, but a group or tribe, "created he them". The second Adam found in Genesis 1:27 says "males and females". This Adam was actually the Hindus. The third Adam is in Genesis 2;7 speaks; of Man being created from the "dust of the ground" when God breathed into the nostrils of man.

The fourth "Adam " was from Genesis 9:18 and Genesis 10:6. They are really talking about the birth of Canaan, the fourth son of Ham, son of Noah. When the Caucasians refers to Adam as being of their race they are talking about their Adam, who was Red and Ruddy as in Edom. This is not Esau, who many say was red, which is in reference to a pot of red lentils. Genesis 25:30. Left Amun and right: Disciples of St. Yared (Founder of Ethiopian church music) singing for king Gabre Maskal In Axum (Old Kush).

AkhenatenAkhenaten's Hymn = Psalm 104
Every lion cometh forth from his den, the serpents they sting. Darkness reigns bright Is the earth when thou risest in the horizon. The two lands are in daily festival, awake and standing upon their feet. then in all the world they do their Work how manifold are all thy works!

They are hidden from before us, oh thou sole deity, whose powers no other Possesseth. Thou didst create the earth according to thy desire, being alone: men, all cattle, large and small men, all that are upon the earth.

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