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Falashan priest
Falashan Woman
Falasha Star of David

Black Jews, The Danaakil And Falashan Of Ethiopia

"A substantial prehistoric European ancestry amongst Ashkenazi maternal lineages."

Nature Communications 4 (October 8, 2013) Martin B. Richards et al

Quote: The origins of Ashkenazi Jews—the great majority of living Jews—remain highly contested and enigmatic to this day. The Ashkenazim are Jews with a recent ancestry in central and Eastern Europe, in contrast to Sephardim (with an ancestry in Iberia, followed by exile after 1492), Mizrahim (who have always resided in the Near East) and North African Jews (comprising both Sephardim and Mizrahim).


A team of international researchers from Malaysia to Salt Lake City found in a study published Tuesday that most variance in mitochondrial DNA — passed from mother to daughter, like Judaism — derives from the indigenous peoples of Western and Central Europe, as opposed to the Levant, as previously thought. Four of the major “founders” of Ashkenazi Jewry derive most variance from European sources, accounting for some 40 percent of the genome. The remaining 60 percent from minor founders, too, comes mostly from Europe. Like Judaism, mitochondrial DNA is passed along the maternal line.




Its variation in the Ashkenazim is highly distinctive, with four major and numerous minor founders. However, due to their rarity in the general population, these founders have been difficult to trace to a source. Here we show that all four major founders, ~40% of Ashkenazi mtDNA variation, have ancestry in prehistoric Europe, rather than the Near East or Caucasus. Furthermore, most of the remaining minor founders share a similar deep European ancestry.


Thus the great majority of Ashkenazi maternal lineages were not brought from the Levant, as commonly supposed, nor recruited in the Caucasus, as sometimes suggested, but assimilated within Europe. Comment: all non-Black, so-called "Jews", whether Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Maghrebi, or Mizrahi, can ultimately be traced to the Turkic Khazars of Asia.


Middle top: Modern day Falashan Woman. The words "Jews and Hebrew" are confusing to some people because many people think they are the same in meaning. Negro is not our real name we are Nubians, Including the word Nuwaubian, meaning New Being. Top left: Modern day Falashan priest with star of David cross and illuminated manuscript, stands at the entrance of the Holy of Holies, (church of Ura Kidane Mehret 1500 AD). Middle: Modern day Falashan Woman. Right: A depiction of the Falasha Star of David.


A Manger
Falashan priest
Pharaoh Akhenatem

The Nubian race are subdivided into three groups Dongoloway, Jaaliyah and Shagiya. Dongoloway:


Long facial features, dark eyes, dark skin, and wavy or curly hair. Jaaliyah: Rounded facial features, kinky cotton wool, or wavy hair. Shagiya: A combination of the two above. Biblical names: Shemite, Cushite and Mizraimite The descendants of Noah who are Abraham's seed. The Nubian seed are the descendants of Isaac, Ishmael and Midian (All Black). All Greek are Jews by a common denominator, Japheth, son of Noah and Na' mah and through their son Javan (All Nubian).


However, Javan Married Iris (Caucasian) and they had a son called Khittim (Mixed Race). Right: Disciples of St. Yared (Founder of Ethiopian church music) singing for king Gabre Maskal In Axum (Old Kush). Middle an Ethiopian priest and left from a churh in Lalibela. This was the beginning of the Greek and Jewish race, incorporating the Ionian Race.


When the term Hebrew and Jew were used in the bible, most people think they meant White of Jewish origin, well, Yes in some cases and no in other cases. The word Hebrew is a variant of the word ghebre, gheber, gibborim and Jabbaarat (Genesis 6). A ghebre is a fire worshipper and a true fire is our sun. David used the shield of Abraham, later called the star of David. The original Jews were star worshippers. There were also Ethiopian Hebrews, meaning woolly haired people.

Church Entrance Lalibela
Church of  Lalibela
Church Entrance Lalibela

They were the real lost tribe of Israel and still remained the genuine tribe in the form of the Danaakil and Falashan. The Falashans can trace their ancestry directly to king David of the bible.


Even The Covenant Of Circumcision was passed down by the Egyptians and is recorded in red granite stone, before the so-called Holy Scriptures. Side Lock Of Youth. In Judaism there is the menorah that Jews use to celebrate the Sabbath, that was taken from the Egyptian table of offerings. Images from Lalibela Ethiopia.

The locks worn by the Hebrew, and Jews goes back to the side lock worn by Egyptian youths. In this respect we further learn from Origen, that circumcision was compulsory, and one of the necessary conditions of initiation to a knowledge of the hieroglyphics and sciences of the Egyptians, and it is obvious that Democritus, in order to obtain such knowledge must have submitted also to that rite. 0rigen, who was a native of Egypt wrote as follows:

Circumcision illustration
Church Entrance Lalibela

"Apud Aegyptios nullus aut geometrica studebat, aut astronomiae secreta remabatur, nisi circumncisione suscepta."


Meaning (No one among the Egyptians, either studied geometry, or investigated the secrets of Astronomy, unless circumcision had been undertaken).


What is Yiddish? Yiddish is the language spoken by the east European Jews. Jews have always spoken the language of the land where they lived. Babylonian Jews spoke Phoenician, the Jews who lived under Arab dominion learned Arabic. They could not speak it the original way, so they created modern Arabic, and those of France spoke French in their daily lives.


Yiddish began to develop when Jews from France settled along the Rhine, and their vocabulary was increased by many words from the various medieval German dialects of their new neighbours. When the German Jews migrated to Bohemia, Poland and Lithuania, they took their medieval German dialect with them, at the same time adapting more Hebrew and Slavic words. Yiddish is the creation of the fake Ashkenazic Jews.


Even before 1500 A.D., Yiddish was spoken in Ashkenazic communities. Beginning with the thirteenth century, as the role of the Ashkenazirn Jews in the Jewish history became more and more prominent, the Yiddish language gained in importance. From the sixteenth through the eighteenth century, it was the spoken language of the albino seed calling themselves Ashkenazirn Jews everywhere. Yiddish is still the language of communication among Jews in the various centres of the world. Below Falashan students in Israel.


Hebrew, Israelite, Israel, Hail, Anu, Maat, Fenti, Neb-Maat, Unem-snef


The Ten Commandments By Moses an Israelite Vs The Egyptian Book Of The Dead, Papyrus Of Nu.

Moses an Israelite Exodus chapter 20, verses 1-19.


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1. You are to have no (Akhair), other Eloheem except me.


2. You will not make for yourself any (Fehsel), idol at all, of any (Temoonaw), likeness in the (Shawmahyim) skies

(Mahal) above or that in the whole planet earth from beneath or in the waters underneath the planet.


3. You will not (Shawkhaw) prostrate yourself to them nor (Awbad) enslave yourself to them, for I a Yahuwa Eloheek.


I am a (Qannaw) jealous (El) one (Fawqad) visiting the (Awwone) iniquity of the (Awb) father upon the (Bane) children up to the (Shillaysh) third and (Ribbayah) fourth generation of them that (Sawnay) hate me.


4. You should not take the (Shawme) name of a Yahuwa Eloheek and use it (shaww) falsely for a Yahuwa will not hold him (Nawqaw) guiltless, that takes his (Shame) name and use it (shaww) falsely.


5. (Zawkar) remember the Sabbath day and keep it (Qawdash) holy.


6. You are not to (Rawtsakh) fight to kill.


7. You are not to (Nawaf) commit abominations.
8. You will not (Gawnab) Steal.