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Black Madonna France
Black Madonna indian

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Eurocentric Roman Catholic: You still have things unto which to cling. The fibs and fibs you fling or flip, Alone have no prospects of wearing a blink. The fibs and fibs you fling. But when Afrocentric Logic-centric Was thrown into the rot-barn of beam, The frightening freak they flung and found, Was armed from head to heel, With the cudgel of disgust and the spear of despise: And they said:


Afrocentric Logic-centric, We hear you are not at home in the mind, We fear you must be counted with the blind.


We felt you have fondle the friar of fools, We dread you must be fed to Seth, We panicked you must have hail from hell, We jest you must have met with death. Hey Afrocentric Logic-centric, Your ideas shan't see the light of day; You stories aren’t based on races of aces. Top left, potrait of Mary and Jesus Christ with St. Martin of Tours and St, Bernardine of Siena at their feet. Eglise Saint Michel de Menton, France and next to it Indian Madonna and Child. Below left Our Lady of Czestochowa, Poland.




Black Madonna Poland
Black Madonna

There is scarcely a church in Italy or in the country controlled by Rome, where some remains of The Nubian Virgin and Child are not found. As time passed the Nubian figures were put in archives. When some of this statues are presented to the public (very rarely) the Christian Priests and Bishops deny the Nubian Features by saying


"This statue have become Nubian (Black) by candle smoke." Two of the oldest Black Madonna in Europe are those of Loretto, Italy and of Nuria, Spain.


The first was said to be the Original of all the Nubian Virgin. Unfortunately it was damaged by fire about 1930. It was restored by Pope Pius XI who according to Father Ledit, "Ordered The Color to be Preserved."


Today, the majority of the Black Madonna has Caucasian features. Nearly all the original were destroyed by fire or mobs during revolt against the church. During the Napoleonic wars (1789-1799 A.D.) There was a general destruction of Black Madonna in Europe. Notably at Montserrat in Spain and at Le Puy in France.

Madonna, Black, European, God, Moro, Negro, Christians

Black Madonna
Black Madonna of Lithuania

To dramatise the type of shock modern European and European-American "Christians" and Jews got when they discover that the original Madonna And Child, Mary and the infant Jesus Christ were Black is best told in a short story about an Italian woman from Florence, who had just arrived in Rome for a pilgrimage to the world renown Scala Santa. As she knelt before the massive, but aesthetically beautiful, image, she was overheard saying the following: "Ma Non Ho Capito Mai Che Fu Moro"! The old lady was completely astonished that her Son of God, "Jesus Christ" was a "Moro" or Moor like Shakespare's Othelo.


(F.T. Elworthy's The Evil Eye: The Origin Of Superstition p. 190, footnote 312. It should be noted that the word "Moro" is used in many Latin-based languages in the same manner as the word "Negro" is used in the United States of America. Top right, Black Madonna of Lithuania.


English, Mother, Languages, Christian, American, Isis, Negro


Excluding, of course, the derogatory intent, in the English or American languages.


Black Madonna


Also, that it was the Portuguese colonialists who introduced this disgusting term, along with its companion word


Black Madonna


"Negroland," to describe West Africans that they met about 1430 AD or C.E. But, these terms did not gain any Wide usage until mid sixteenth century AD or C. E. Richard B. Moore's The Word Negro, Its Origin And Evil Use, pp.XXVI.


Continuing in the same footnote, F.T. Elworthy wrote:


"Upon the remarkable halo surrounding the heads of both the Indian mother and child one might almost say that it belonged to a Christian work and not a heathen.


The nimbus is, however, far older than the nineteen centuries of Christendom.


Rays were said to have proceeded from the head of Isis; and they have been called the proper attributes of Juno, of Isis, or the


"Mother of the Gods." (Pigmorious, Vetustissimae Tabulae, p. 16).


Although Elworthy was trying to be as objective as he possibly could, this writer is convinced, never the less, that his own Western European religious bigotry forced him to become amazed that the work could have been done by people that presented its


"Heathen Characterisation."