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Calculations, of the Grand Lodge, of Luxor (Thebes), Osiris

Talismanic Numbers Formula
Whole Numbers Formula

Top right: Note that the large numbers were written with the highest figure first. For example 1,321 is written, I, 000 + I00 + I0 + I0 + I. Although the Africans had many set symbols for certain mixed numbers, most were written with a numerator of one (I or 1) over a denominator.  Masonic Chronological Calculations of the Grand Lodge of Luxor (Thebes) Working on the formula based on Talismanic Numerology we have the following:


Top left: The numerical value of Cubic Dactyles, A, of the Talismanic Number G, the Talismanic Number D, and the Square Root of the sum of the Squares of the length and the height of the Ark is equal to the mathematical calculation: 2.91547594722650235 + D. By substituting Numbers for Days we arrived at the length of One [I] Sidereal or Sothis year, which equals one third. In the above formula the following value were used, d = Days, h = Hours, ' = Minutes and " = Seconds. The Ark Mentioned in the above formula is exactly the same as the Stone Chest that is detailed in the Book of Coming Forth by Day.



Stone Chest

The Ark of the Covenant, built and set up by Moses in the wilderness, according to the sacred volume that had never been seen or proved, is precisely similar in all measurement to the Stone Chest still to be discovered in the king's chamber of the great pyramid. Which is undoubtedly was the original, though the contents are gone. According to the rituals it should contain the Coffined One;


we also know that the miniatures of it used to be carried around the Egyptian temples at Menphis on state occasions during their religious rites. Chronological Numerology Of The All-Seeing Eye, One, and The God Ra: The Formula For Time-Years gives us the basic calculation for the equal length Tri-Leg of the Pole Stars or House of Fire (The Pyramid or House Of Amenta). Thus we have the Pyramid Ideogram and the Sacred Magical Number Seven (7). We also have the Masonified Numbers, B = 24 and C = 15.


Graphic Ideogram

Using the time-years formula we have, Time times and half = b + b² + b + b²/2 - (c + c² + c + c²)/2 = 900 - 360 = 540 Sacred Years of 360 Days/Year = 532.238 Julian Years = D. By substituting D in the formula, we have, D - 7days/365.25 = 532.238 - 531.778. The beginning of the spells of coming forth by day of exalting and glorifying, of coming forth and going down into the underworld, and speaking spells of power in beautiful Amentet. To be said, on the day of the funeral, entering in, after coming forth.  Words spoken by the Osiris Ani, the Osiris scribe Ani:



Number G, Ark, Number D


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