Quba mosque, Masjid al-Qiblatain, al-Mutallib, Abu Taalib, Ka'ba


Because Mecca's leaders felt accepting Muhammad as the one agent of God would threaten their prosperity and power, they persecuted Muhammad and his followers until they fled to Medina.


This migration is called the hijra (HIJ-ruh). That marks the beginning of the calendar of Muslims.  Muhammad was buried there. Yathrib was Madina's name before Muhammad changed it.


It is an agricultural community 215 miles north of Mecca. It has the three oldest mosques in Islam Including the Prophets mosque. It is the second holiest city of Islam after mecca.   


Al-Masjid al-Nabawi: The prophet's Mosque, Quba mosque: the first mosque in Islam's history, and Masjid al-Qiblatain: the mosque where the quibla was switched to Mecca, are the three oldest Islamic mosques, located in Medina.




Abd Al-Muttalib, Amir Ibn At-Tufayl, Abu Bakr, Red, Black, Race

In the book that was written in 900 A.D. in Arabic language entitled “the Book of the Glory of the Black Race (Kitab Fakhr As-Sudan Ala Al-Bidan).”  This book was written by Abu Uthman Ibn Bahr Al-Jahiz, 776 to 868 A.D., more than two hundred years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. It was translated into English by France Preston.  I will quote directly from page 50 of the book:

Al-Masjid al-Nabawi

"They said, 'Abd Al-Muttalib' fathered ten lords, Black as the night and magnificent. Amir Ibn At-Tufayl saw them circling the Ka’ba as if they were handsome Jinn, and he said "with these present gatekeeper of the Ka’ba is useless. Abn Allah Ibn Abbas was Blackest and magnificence, and the family of Abu Taalib were the most noble of men; and they were Black with Black skin." They said, the Prophet (blessings of God and salvation be upon him) said, "I was sent to the Reds and Blacks." "You are aware that it is not said the Zinjs, Etiopians or Nubians were White or Red, for they have no other name than Black."


Anyone who is a Muslim knows that Abd Al Muttalib was the grandfather of The Prophet Muhammad of Arabia through his son Abdullar.  Abdullar was one of the Ten Lords and the father of The Prophet, Muhammad, who was born in 570 A.D. And died in 632 A.D. (The Receiver of The Qur'aan). Abu Taalib was also the son of Abd Al-Muttalib and one of the Ten Lords. Abu Taalib was the father of Ali, The Prophet Muhammad's Nephew. The Nubian Race (Al 'Iraq Al Aswad) and the Red Race (Al 'Irq Al Ahmar).


The Red Race in the Quote is in reference to Abu Bakr who was the father of Aiysha, the third wife of Muhammad. Abu Bakr was a red skinned Arab and a prominent leader in Mecca. Abu Bakr was married to a Nubian (Black) meaning Aiysha was of mixed race (Nubian and Arab). Muhammad married Aiysha in hopes of bringing the people together.


Abu Uthman Ibn Bahr Al-Jahiz

This book was originally written in Arabic language by a man who was born in the year 776 A.D. and died in 868 A.D.


This Man, Abu Uthman Ibn Bahr Al-Jahiz, who wrote this book, was born in Basra, modern day Iraq, and he lived and died within approximately 236 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad.


As Sayyid Mohammad, son of Abdullar and Amina 570 to 632 A.D.


Abu Uthman Ibn Bahr Al-Jahiz, was born 144 years after the death of Muhammad, and he died 92 years later.


Therefore, the accuracy of the physical description of the Prophet Muhammad by Al-Jahiz, in his book as historical evidence, is first among equal and second to none. Think about it.


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