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Supreme Regalia Worshiping in the ShrineHere the fundamental basis for the rituals of Free Masonry and most of the 20th Century "Western" Secret Societies were established by indigenous Africans, whose descendants are now despised for their Sable Skin, Woolly Hair, Thick Lips, Broad Nose and even rejected from the Inner Circles for the same reason.

The ancients, including the Greeks and Romans, visited this Grand Lodge to obtain the "Highest Degrees" in human learning. Here they were introduced to Philosophy, Law, Religion, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology, Medicine, History, and all of the other subdivisions of the "Seven Liberal Arts. Even King Solomon Of Israel, Moses of the Haribu religion, Jesus Christ, and others of world fame, had to visit this Grand Lodge for their education in the Mysteries Of The Osirica.
Top left: Supreme Regalia Of Ancient Egypt Worshiping In The Shrine. Top right: 16th century Copper
The large bulging eyes, proturding lips, and stylized ears of this figure are characteristics of late Ife art as it developed into the mordern Yoruba style, from the sixteenth century onward. The gesture made by the hands with one grasping the thumb of the other, is characteristic of the Ogboni Society, a secret society responsible for justice and for the Egbe of the earth in Yorubaland.

1. Palestine, at Mt. Carmel.
2. Assyria, at Mt. Herman in Lebanon.
3. Babylon
4. Media, near the Red Sea.
5. India, at the banks of the Ganges River.
6. Burma
7. Athens
8. Rome, at Elea.
9. Croton
10. Rhodes
11. Delphi
12. Miletus
13. Cyprus
14. Corinth
15. Crete
16. Cush or Kush, Itiopi, Ethiopia, Sudan.
17. Monomotapa, South Africa.
18. Zimbabwe, Rhodesia.

Coin Of DelphosLeft Coins Of Delphos, Father Of The Great Delphic Oracle. The Luxor was destroyed by fire, burnt to the ground, in the year 548 B. C. E. It was set aflame by foreigners, who were jealous of the indigenous Africans "Negroes," et all knowledge of the "Mysteries" taught in the Osirica, Which included all of the above mentioned disciplines. John Kendrick's, Ancient Egypt, Book II, p. 363; Eva B. Sanford’s, The Mediterranean World, pp. 135 - 139; Yosef ben-Jochannan's, Africa: Mother of "Western Civilisations", Chapter IX.

The All Seeing EyeCoin Of DelphosBottom left, This Coin Of Delphos depict someone with, Sable Skin, Woolly Hair, Thick Lips and Broad Nose, what an irony. The Temple of Kharnak, the most magnificent of the Chapters of the Grand Lodge of Luxor's Secret Society, where the Mysteries were taught, was built at a distance of 1/2 mile from the Grand Lodge.

Separated each 12 feet on both sides of an isle, stood a double row of sphinxes. The width of the isle was 60 feet. When in its perfection this entrance presented one of the most magnificent walkways imaginable.

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