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About Us

The idea of a Black history website was first discussed at (ACCAN) African Caribbean Community Action Network, a local community organisation meeting in Oxford, March 2001. During this discussion it soon transpired that most of us at that meeting new very little about Black history. We decided to put the idea of a Black history website on our next agenda. These meeting were normally held on a monthly basis excluding the annual general meeting


At the next meeting in April each member of the committee volunteered to research different part of Black history and to submit their researches in six months time. This was so that our researches would be on time for the Black history month celebration.  Black history month celebration was a very young and growing phenomenon in 2001. Being a new idea at that time, it was generally celebrated between October and November, depending on which part of the UK one resides.


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Six months later at ACCAN monthly meeting in September 2011, it seems that some committee members have completed their researches and some had not. It was the same scenario cometh Black history month celebration 2002. So in July 2003 two of us on the committee decided to resign and revitalised this project with another local community organisation, Community Development Network (CDN).


At a committee meeting in April 2003 the name Nok-Benin was discussed and voted on. It later became the name that website adopted as its url address. We also agreed to turn Nok-Benin into a social enterprise. The aim was so that Nok-Benin can create sellable products from its history researches and does not need annual funding.


The idea of social enterprise was tested briefly in 2005 and 2006, via the development of sellable products like A2, A3 and A4 posters, printed T-shirts, long sleeves, Tops, Jeans, Caps, Shoes and so on, unfortunately the social enterprise venture failed.


In addition, in 2007 in the social enterprise venture idea was tested again, however, it was the same result as the last time.  The whole committee then voted and agreed on making sure that Nok-Benin concentrate on its primary objective of publishing articles about Black history on-line. Community Development Network (CDN), ceased to play any part or contribute anything to Nok-Benin since it became a limited liability company in 2009.


Nok-Benin was and still is a not for profit small voluntary community organisation, despite the url, which rely heavily on volunteers.  The social enterprise venture may be resurrected in future, never say never. Some of the relics of our social enterprise venture can still be access via now defunct product page, which will now be dedicated to publishing our latest research into the history of the Moors via website update.


Let us make it perfectly clear that, we do not agree with the view expressed by every single article on this website; however, there are only a few of those.  To agree with the view expressed by every single article, would be like accusing the pro European historians, of the same offence we would be committing. However there are a lot of credible and relevant articles that challenges the pro European historians' points of view.


In fact some of the articles about ancient religion and cultural issues came from committee member’s personal experience from living for a few years or born in some remote village in Africa, West Indies, Haiti, Cuba and Brazil. Delving into my own teenage personal experience of such issues, I realised just how remarkable my own grandmother was in that, though illiterate, she could still give any PHD chemistry professor a good run for his or her money, when it comes to treating major and minor afflictions, especially Malaria.

Behind The Scene



Nok-benin need your support please subscribe to my video channel on youtube. It will allow us to make this website dynamic, lessen our workload and cost tremendously, and a better navigating experience.


We all saw what a big fuss the British media made when the footballer Drogba caught malaria. It took him at least 4 months with the aid of some of the best British doctors to get it out of his system. It normally takes my grandmother at most about 2 weeks and that is not an exaggeration.


There are many men and women spread around the world like my grandmother and it is their ancient knowledge that we are losing at an alarming rate due to the encroachment of western cultures.


This website is also dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, who died at the ripe old age of 95 and all the men and women spread around the world like her.


Nok-Benin is constantly evolving because Black history is not static. There are still things to discover, uncover and recover.