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Odu, Gods, Olodumare, Orunmila, Oyeku Meji

Oyeku Meji
Fish Oyeku's Symbol

In the fixed order of Orunmila, Oyeku-Meji occupies the second position. Oyeku-Meji is the Black Disk or Hole. Odu signifies darkness and unhappiness and warns of death, sickness, worries and a bad omen, but also carries with it the solution to all these problems.


It symbolizes all those forces, which can never be known. It is an image of those forces that create the night Speaks of the comings and goings between heaven and earth. The messenger of death; Physical element = Fire, Physical body element = Hairs of body and Neck. Children would be disposed to be agriculturalist, masons, or market masters. Wisdom of our dear departed ancestors. Symbol of the fish, for it was this Odu that brought food and nourishment into the world.




Jewesun, Jesus, Eshu, Awo

Eshu Elegba

Organization of wisdom This Odu denotes that death and all other evil will appear or disappear from a child to adulthood hence death of child. This Odu represent the power of spiritual transformation as well as

physical reincarnation. We are composed of flesh and death turn and return, father of transformations.


This Odu is the incarnation of Jesus The son of God whom was called Jewesun in heaven and was told to make sacrifice, in order to survive the plot that was going to be hatched by human beings against him on earth. He was told to give to Esu, which he bluntly refused to do. He however agreed to make a small ebo.


The Awos told him that if he did not make the sacrifice to Esu, it was the agents of the earth that would kill him and shorten his life and missionary works. But since he had made the small ebo, he would awaken after three days and his fame would outlive him, after his return to heaven.


When Jewesun got to earth and he was about to begin his work of preaching the objectivity of truth and the way people lived in heaven, professing the love of God for his creations, Esu appeared to him in a dream.


He warned him that God had given him, Esu, Alewelishe, Onisegun, the influence of all that existed in the planetary system. Esu told Jewesun that if he did not give him what he asked, Jewesun would have himself to blame because he would cause his followers to destroy him. Jewesun once again refused to recognize Esu. Jewesun was actually killed or went home 33 years after he began his works on earth.


Holy Oyeku Meji Part A


Let us behave gently, that we may die peacefully that our children may stretch out their hands upon us in burial.




Death rejoiced at man's creation, he plundered humans at will to eat. Two rats were playing on land and two fishes were playing in water.


The hen had laid its eggs and gone to roost, the goat had delivered many kids.


The strong three-year old ram and the fat male Cow endowed with beefy flesh, were all created to appease death.


This assemblage of livestock, gave death neither appeasement nor satisfaction. Death continued to focus his gaze on the human flesh.